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Welcome to the website of Chris Neale, Welsh landscape artist.

Here you can view some of my current original work and browse my catalogue of limited edition fine art prints.


I fell in love with art as a child, painting and drawing anything that interested me. After a foundation course in art I became interested in typography and went on to study graphic design. There followed many years of design and illustration but I eventually returned to painting around 2002. This was inspired by my increasing love of the Welsh landscape which flourished after a relocation from Cardiff to Pembrokeshire.

In the early days I was using watercolour, followed by pastel which suited my love of drawing and colour. My background in design has helped to create balanced compositions which have always been at the heart of my work. For some time now acrylics have been my favourite medium, giving me flexibility with a degree of unpredictability as my work continues to evolve.

I spend a lot of time outdoors exploring, often informed by studying maps or something catching my eye in a book. Often I find myself at the end of a road in the hills where few people have set foot. Places I am particularly drawn to have a strong sense of historical human connection, particularly old houses and relics in the landscape. As I walk through the landscape I find myself unavoidably constructing compositions in my head and experiencing an emotional reaction to the colours around me. My aim is to eliminate non essential detail and bring the main components into a harmonious balance that captures the emotion of what initially inspired me.

I have been painting and exhibiting work since 2002.

“If there is one word that distills my work, I think it is the Welsh word Hiraeth”


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