All originals listed here are framed and ready to hang unless stated otherwise. Most of them are on display at various galleries in Wales and customers would need to contact them directly. The pastel paintings are framed behind glass, the acrylics without and so less problematic to ship. The picture of the framed artwork shows the framing style I have developed to compliment the images.

I have an exhibition of new work at Ffin Y Parc Gallery, Llanrwst running from 13 October to 6 November.


A pastel painting of a small bay that can only be reached on foot and is located in a peaceful and scenic area between Fishguard and Newport in the county of  Pembrokeshire. This painting can be found currently on display at the Goat Street Gallery, St Davids, Haverford West.

Pastel on board, image size 35 x 27cm.




Acrylic painting, I have painted Abereiddi many times, the cottages still retain the greater element of their originality. The beach seems to come up to meet them making them an integral part of the transition between land and sea. Currently on display at the Golden Sheaf Gallery, Narberth.

Acrylic on board, image size 46 x 28cm.




Acrylic painting, towards Beddgelert. Autumn colours, the blues in the shadows and ochres of the trees trigger a deep response in me. I chose to contrast these elements and set them against the shapes created by the stone wall in the foreground. Currently on display at Ffin y Parc, Llanrwst.

Acrylic on board, image size 47 x 39cm.




Pastel painting. This resulted from a long drawn out sequence of events and explorations. I finally ended up walking around the edge of a wood and knew this composition would work  when I saw it. The house, sat beneath Cadair seemed timeless and everything around was stone, oak and steel. I needed to pare down the information, the colour and move a couple of elements to make it work. Currently on display at Ffin y Parc, Llanrwst.

Pastel on board, image size 41 x 33cm.




Pastel painting. I fell in love with Cwm Bychan many years ago when I designed a book for the then Nature Conservancy Council and I saw a photograph. I had to go there. Over the years I’ve been there many times with friends and camping with my children and found it the source of much inspiration. The sound of the cuckoo is often heard bouncing around the oaks. Currently on display at the Goat Street Gallery, St Davids.

Pastel on board, image size 46 x 28cm.




Pastel painting. Near Dinas Mawddwy, Cwm Cywarch is a beautiful valley, the road winds its way through wood and farmland up to the distinctive crags at its head. My love of foreshortened curves shows in this painting with its well kept hedgerows bordering the lane as it twists and turns. Currently on display at the Lion Street Gallery, Hay-on-Wye.

Pastel on board, image size 44 x 37cm.




An old slate quarrying community near Llanberis, along the contour of the hill can be found a line of ruined smallholdings. The waste slate tips and the decay of the houses and walls feels very melancholy. A sense of past life hangs heavy in the air and I have tried to capture that in this painting.

Pastel on board, image size 51 x 34cm.




Acrylic painting. As I was driving up through Islaw’r Dref to the north of Cadair Idris this composition caught my eye looking over the Mawddach estuary to Diffwys in the north.  The ’T’ shape made by the stone walls points like an arrow at the mountain and the trees either side block the eye from heading the wrong way. Currently on display at Ffin y Parc, Llanrwst.

Acrylic on board, image size 53 x 25cm.




Acrylic painting. Heading into the mountains from Llanfair after light snowfall, I noticed this farm set against the dramatic backdrop of Foel Wen. From this viewpoint it seemed to be tucked in from the cold with just the winter trees adding some warmth to this winter landscape. Currently on display at Ffin y Parc, Llanrwst.

Acrylic on board, image size 39 x 37cm.



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